The Knowing Zone

WE don’t know what we don’t know, but when we do find out what we don’t know…there is only knowing and doing with that knowing, something that will bring forth more knowing.  WE cannot unknow the knew knowing…we have to own the knowing now and do with it, what we could not do with the unknowing before. Know it, own it, blow it out of the unknowing zone!

Now in the knowing – we are beginning to be fully known…beginning to realise that this is the best place to be. Not knowing what we don’t know is the worst place to be.

Not being known – the worst thing ever, now that I know – no acceptance, very little love (not of the divine kind either), outcast, lonely, afraid, stifled, dead or dieing on the inside, fear of rejection, fear of everything, shackled, imprisoned, tortured in the mind, oppression, depression, obsessions, fleshly desires, doubts, confusion, isolation, separation, incarceration, never-ending unknowing, endless, painful, stressful, pitiful …self-defeating.

The nothingness of the not knowing, only existing in not-knowing…is truly not living. Now as we are fully known – this is really living…really knowing –  fearful at times – of the further unknown, adventurous – definitely, thrilling, blowing all the unknowing away – the best thing ever! Acceptance, Love, Belonging, Experiencing Freedom, Fulfilment and Fruitfulness – this is being known.  Not lacking any one thing…being content in any and all circumstances, knowing that all is known and will be revealed in the right known time.

The known now – I am fully known therefore fully-free to be me!

By Shelley Weeks 4/03/2012

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