Being still and knowing God.

A friend recently asked me about ”Being still and knowing God”. How do we do this?
I can only speak from my experiences/perspective. Waiting on God or being still and knowing that He is God – is a deliberate decision I make, to make time to block every thing out and in a way, I guess, make an appointment (kinda like seeing the Doctor or hairdresser) with God. Sounds funny I know, but we priorit…ise so many things in our lives and make sure that we make our appointments on time.  Also, the agenda or list of things we may have to bring to this appointment with God – for example: things or people to pray for, or things to be thankful for – none of these things are wrong of course – it’s just that during this particular appointment or time with God, I plan to be completely still, not to tell God or ask God or take or get from God, but the only purpose is to BE with Him. To sit still and enjoy His company….He wants to be with us – one of His names is Emmanuel meaning God with us. He wants more than we do, to just BE with us…like when you are with a friend – neither has to speak – both are at peace and comfortable without talking…That is what for me, is Being still. It does take practice and focus…there are so many things that would interrupt/disrupt/disturb this time…but it is so worthwhile. God honours this effort – He does dwell with us. I have done this on my own and with others and we have experienced God’s beautiful presence. His presence ‘feels’ relaxing, peaceful, restful and my/our burdens, worries, confusion, restlessness simply melts away – because His peace surpasses all understanding. We usually have some soft music playing. I practice ”being still’ several times a week and once a week, with some friends. It is always a very worthwhile time…even though we do not speak much or do anything…we soak in God’s presence…we come away changed on the inside!

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