Being Still and Knowing God / Part 2:

Being still and knowing God…in a busy, sometimes frantic pace of life..

Making time several times a week to be still and know God, is helpful, although, this is only the beginning of regaining focus for living each day, even each moment, in an attitude of stillness as opposed to fast paced living. There are many books that may be helpful in understanding this practice of stillness.  Although, once you begin the journey to slowing down and taking time to be still and know God, the Holy Spirit is the greatest assistant and being sensitive to his direction.  The appointments with God to practice being still, without any agenda – only to meet with Him, then develops into a daily practice of walking in His presence and in fact, knowing Him and His peace throughout every moment of every day.

The practise of walking in stillness and knowing God – is an internal condition or state of being, that is most definitely a way of living that allows us to switch off from the ways of the world and on to the ways of God, in order that we may have the mind of Christ in all that we do and say. This is certainly something that I value and aim for more, with the help of the Holy Spirit. This does not exclude the world or people or daily routines, tasks, etc…in fact it becomes a way of being, that enables us to face every situation and  circumstance with the peace that surpasses all understanding – the peace that only comes from being with God.

How else can we face the external world – but with this internal constant, abiding peace from God. This peace is not meant for fleeting occasions, only in the difficult times, just when we need it. The fact is – we need His presence and peace all the time and every moment of every day and this is God’s intention and purpose – He never leaves us – He is ever-presence and all knowing.

It is up to us to acknowledge His presence and live like He is with us all the time – because that is the fact – He is with us 24/7.


Psalm 46:10

Philippians 4:7

Deuteronomy 31:6-8

Joshua 1:5

Hebrews 13:5

Psalm 73:23

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