The Obedience Experiment….

I recently saw a short cip on facebook called the “Obedience Experiment” submitted by Worksafe. (You could google it.)

This clip got me thinking – what is obedience really?

What obedience is not:

Obedience is not an unthinking act or decision – that’s stupidity.

Obedience is not based on feelings

Obedience is not some wishy-washy half hearted attempt to gain favour or follow a cause.

Obedience is not vain, naive nor ignorant.

Obedience is not for the faint hearted.


Obedience is:

Obedience is  with-holding nothing.

Obedience is All in!

Obedience is acknowledgement of an Authority over.

Obedience has already counted the cost – and determined that the price is more than worth the effort.

Obedience doesn’t need answers to all and every question.

Obedience does not enter into doubt and questioning at the last second.

Obedience is knowledge of and trust in the one being obeyed.

Obedience can be learned, especially through sufferings and troubles.

Obedience stays the course to the end.

Obedience comes out of a relationship with the one being obeyed!

Faithful obedience to God shows we love God.

He has shown Himself faithful – in Jesus, even unto Death on the Cross and is worthy of our response of obedience.

He is trustworthy, all His Words are True and bring life and sustaining Power to those that believe.

He has fulfilled His promises from days gone by and continues to bring all His Promises to pass.


John 6: 38.

Matthew 7: 21

I John 2: 17

I John 2: 3.

John 14: 15

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