Is God into “one size fits all”?

Have you gone to the shop to try on several items of clothing in the same store….to find, that indeed one size didn’t fit and alas –  not the size you expected – it was either a smaller size than you thought (yippee!) or a larger size than you thought (oh no…psyche takes a bashing again..!)

Ideally, it would be great if we all had our own individual tailor – to measure, create, shape and make the clothing that would perfectly enhance our body shape, curves and bumps. Garments that we would truly enjoy wearing, making us feel like we are right in the groove, up with the style and fashion and in the hip crowd! Perhaps you already have all that, the clothes, the gear, the bling, the fashion sense…I admit, I definitely do not.

Though what I do have, I plan to never take back for a refund, replacement, refitting or remeasure.

What I have is more than the external clothes – more than skin deep, more than fashion sense – it’s true design, one of a kind creativity, extravagant, expensive and made of long-lasting ingredients.  The outside indeed will fade away – this body, but the real me inside, is designed to last a very long time – if fact, the Master Designer created me and you, to last for all time and eternity.  That said… Is God a one size fits all kinda god? Are we all of the same size and shape?

Did God create a mould and we were each popped out of that mould, one after the other, as if on a production line?

Are our beliefs, thoughts, actions, activities, trials and tribulations all the same?

Do you look anything like me and I like you? Externally I mean… perhaps some traits like hair or eye colour, height, weight and so on, may be similar – most certainly not exactly the same!  What about our Beliefs? Thoughts? Actions? And so on…

In all these things, I perceive that God is not a “One Size fits all” kinda god.  What about our personalities? Our perceptions and take on things? We are so uniquely, fearfully and wonderfully made.  God has not cut us out with a cookie cutter, to all look, feel or even think exactly the same.

We are uniquely designed to clearly show how Great and wonderful He is, how variegated, how multi-faceted He is. Each of His creations are yet another ‘original’ masterpiece, a one of a kind completed works.

I enjoy thinking and dwelling on this thought, especially when I watch people walking past me, as I sit wherever – like at a local park or in a coffee shop.  “Hey…there goes another ‘Van-Gov’ (Van-God) original Handmade, very Special Edition!”

The originals may not be in mint condition, may not be restored to its original intended condition – YET – there is a definite hint a distinctive signature there – visible, I can see it – if I take another look, Yes I see you there God – in your Creation. Glory to you – your plan is to totally restore the original design and to dwell with every single one, forever! Hallelujah!

Does God treat each one of us the same? If you mean, Loving us – Yes. If you mean in the manner in which He pursues us and woes us – NO.  Again, one size fits all, doesn’t cut it here either….

I take the view, that God has pursued me and you individually.

He has not approached each one of us in any way, the same.

He has taken a very personal approach, not a one size fits all approach.

I know this, because in talking with other believers, each person’s story is absolutely different.

Each individual encounter with God is individually designed!

Each has been nothing like mine or anyone else’s – accept for the Person of Christ.

The only common denominator is Jesus Himself.

The undergirding, underlining part of each of our stories is His never-ending pursuit of a Loving relationship with His creation – me and you – on an individual, case-by-case basis.

That is so comforting to me – I do not have to fit into a particular mould, a particular shape or size, I don’t have be look like  anyone else, see, hear, talk, feel or be like anyone else – to encounter God.

He created me individually and treats me as an individual.

I am me and He is greatly pleased with and pronounces over His creation – ‘tis good!

He does that for each and every one – individually. His Word says – I have called you by name! Yeh!

He is not a one size fits all God – He is the Creator that has designed and pre-destined you for a specific future and hope.

No one else can fit into that design, future or hope He has for you – all you do is fit right into it – that plan – His plan!

You are fearfully and wonderfully made.

His is Holy and Perfect and you have been made in His image.

Fit right into that size He has made you. BE, GO, DO.

BE….still and know that I am God. Ps 46:10

GO….into all the world and preach the Gospel. Mark 16:15

DO….what you see the Father doing…and greater things shall you do. John 5:18-20

URLOVD!  Shelley Weeks

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