Random ideas are good…

…check with the Source for the next step!
RANDOM – I am hearing this word often these days…in all kinds of context.
Yesterday at a training course, last week from my pastor, last night in conversation with a friend.  Is that random? Or actually intentional?
Random mean’s –  it came from seemingly nowhere. I have random thoughts – that just appear or happen without a method (that I am aware of).
Those random thoughts sometimes are very meaningful and lead to further deeper methodical thinking…and yet they were started by a random thought.
Sometimes they are funny and really ‘out there’ kind of thoughts. Random thoughts are growing on me and I am beginning to enjoy even relish what will come next..
I acknowledge that perhaps they are not so random after all!
They may appear to come from seemingly nowhere – however, I believe that God is able to pop into our minds at any time – a thought, a word, a picture, a vision, a verse, a phrase that really is – not at all random! For example, the other day I was at a course, at the lunch table – I was enjoying my hot soup and roll and a phrase popped into my head “He is the lifter of your head.”
I glanced over at a lady I had just met across the table and knew that this ‘’random’’ thought was for her. I walked around the table and shared that random thought with her – she was blessed…I was more blessed.  Why?  Because that random thought, was an out-there encouraging phrase for someone I didn’t know, but God does and He wanted to encourage her and remind me that He is the God of  ‘’things that come from seemingly nowhere”.  May we be more open to random thoughts and sharing them with others for God’s Glory and our encouragement. Blessed the Lord O my soul and all that is within me….including the random!  URLOVD!

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