Space and Time: Part 1

Do you have any spare space in your life? Or time? Is your life so full that you cannot possibly fit another thing in? If so, you are not alone… A question: should our lives be that full that we could not possibly fit another thing in? I have been pondering this…and then I took some time out today, from my normal (busy) schedule….just to see what might happen? In p…reparation for this time: I put the answering machine on, shut the curtains and blinds, locked the door and set the alarm clock, just in case I went to sleep and missed my next appointment… I was confident that in this time and space – I could safely and securely enter into a place of rest.  I laid down on the couch for 25 minutes…and rested…I pondered on Jesus, I stilled my mind and body and I rested. What happened?  – you may be asking…the world did not stop, the roof did not cave in, the washing did not hang itself, the dishes remained on the sink, the phone still rang – but I didn’t answer it.  It was really good! I rose before the alarm feeling refreshed…and continued on in my day…feeling better, much better! PS: it does take practice…if you are not used to giving yourself some time out. Perservere…it is so worth it! Try again tomorrow or the next day…habits take time to form. Schedule it in – once a week if you can.  Ps 46:10 Be still and know that I am God..

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