How does the media affect me and my view of God?

He is the X-factor, the Voice, I’m dancing with The Star, My Deal and there’s no other deal, my Getaway. When I’m in the Hot seat he gives me the Answers at the right time…He is Locked in. He is my 24/7 Good News channel, He helps me whether I am Home or Away or finding it Tricky Business, to Love my Neighbours, this is such an Amazing Race – and I …run to win the prize set out for me in eternity. I do feel like a Foreign Correspondent at times and even find myself In The Night Garden, wondering if I am At The Movies or in  Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell and certainly feeling the  Love and Pain and the Whole Damn Thing, yet I know there are still more Voyagers of Discovery containing many more Mythbusters, Shockwaves,  Fun with Dick and Jane and Megamovers that will develop my character and create the truly Funniest Home Videos that become times that unfold like an Antique Roadshow – filled with Most Shocking Top 20 moments…so Down to Earth and full of Heartbeat…truly worthy of Crime Scene Investigation…including all the Spicks and Specks.  I know too, that there will be friends along the way that will encourage me, especially Charlie Bear and my dear ones at PlaySchool, Mr Moon and not forgetting Gaspard and Lisa…. Drawing to a close the media that most assists me, my many experiences with the Deadly 60 and Splatalot has been like enjoying a Good Game with The Tribe and Big Ideas Samplers…makes my Health Quarter truly pulse.  I would like to mention, that Before the Game I like to Get Smart when Talkin ‘Bout Your Generation and hear much from Judge Judy dealing with the X-Men…sometimes that throws me for The Loop especially when Everybody Loves Raymond.  What a Star Trek: Voyage…it’s really All About Animals and Horse Talk, nevertheless, ultimately, He is my Superman, Superhero, Conan, Chaser, Mythbuster, Shockwave and Mega Mover, He’s put his Swords: Life on the Line and has come up poll position on the Formula One….He’s won the Race.  At times it may seem This Terrifying Ordeal is for real… is nearly time for Station Close. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. I am His and He is mine – His banner over me is Love!   URLOVD!

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