A KISS from Heaven


I was thinking today, about the affection a father has for his son, a mother for her children, a husband for his wife…and I remembered the day of our wedding. My husband and I have been married for coming up to 13 years…and our wedding day is still relatively fresh in my mind…

“I now pronounce you husband and wife – you may kiss your bride!”

Not – go ahead – smack lips or brush lips, KISS.

What is a kiss?  And why on the lips?

What about:

“You may now peck your bride on the cheek!” Hmmm…just not the same is it….!

I found it very challenging to kiss in public, especially when I was first married. I frankly, felt a bit…well…exposed!

Everybody looking on at this intimate moment of sharing between my husband and I…should that really be public?

I have gradually become more comfortable with kissing in public, knowing that this show of affection for family and friends is a genuine and true sign of our love for each other – and nothing to hide or wait for a better moment.

A kiss is a public declaration of the most intimate and yet glorious kind.  We are not ashamed to announce to whomever is watching – that we truly Love each other and are happy to show it to each other.

I have twin boys who are now nearly 8 years old…we enjoy hugs and kisses, though I am noticing, they are more discerning with when they allow this to happen…getting on the school bus kiss – this is ok, if no one else is around. At home on the couch or going to bed kiss and cuddle – fine all the time. Funny isn’t it – kids know that a kiss is something special, something that may cause one embarrassment or jibes if seen publicly… that’s OK I will give them and get them anytime they want or don’t want.


I have a sneaking feeling God is into kissing…and of the public kind. I really do mean, that God loves to give us a kiss…the front on, full on the lips kind of kiss.  No uncomfortableness, no smashing noses together, no brushing past the cheek. Oh noooooo….

The kind of kiss that even lingers for a moment, that says, I am enamoured by you, you are my Love and I am yours. An exchange on a very public part of a person’s anatomy and yet a part that is not often touched by the public.

You get what I’m saying…. Yes He touches us deeply on the inside and yes also, on the outside too…His kiss on our lips…however you may perceive that, is a declaration for all to see, of His deep, affectionate, unashamed and unabashed love for His Beloved…you.  May you feel His embrace today and His wonderful Kiss on the lips from Heaven.  URLOVD!


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