How’s your connectivity?

 I really miss my iphone, you see I have been without it now, for about 18 months…and there has been an ache to procure another one very soon.  It was wrenched away from me in the most unceremonious manner.  You could call it a cleansing moment – as my daughter dunked it into a bucket of water.  The first step to resuscitation was extrication, we attem…pted exploration through dismantling and exhortation to work again – alas, there was no resurrection – this time. My phone had seen many a near miss and had been safely restored to normal operations…alas – this time, it was curtain call!  And so began the grieving process for me…no one else would have known the anguish, pain and even suffering I have endured as I have come to terms with the tragic death of ‘’a constant friend’’.    So, I can laugh about it now….a little bit….but really, since not being connected telephonically… I have found greater opportunity to be connected spiritually…that is, I haven’t ignored God so much. Yes, I have to admit, the phone lent itself to soaking up a lot of my time, time that I could have spent in soaking up God.  Funny how often the fingers went to the face of the phone for connectivity of another kind. What’s happening on facebook, world wide web, emails, sms’s, ring someone right now, send text now….and so on. Honestly, it had become such a constant companion…even in my bedroom.  I do understand, those of you who (and you know who you are….) you also have this connectivity addiction. I have had withdrawal symptoms – I have felt, in a way – lost without my iphone. On one hand, I thank God for the amazing innovation of the smart phone and it’s incredible capabilities to keep us connected, on the other hand –  the question is – connected to whom? Newsflash: I am getting a new iphone soon and I look forward to this wonderful blessing again, of telephonic ingenuity –  fully aware of my addiction to same – so with a prayer for sobriety (meaning not complete abstinence – but moderation and temperance) in the use of ‘’it’’, I shall engage in connectivity once again. I welcome you – even  invite you, by all means, to keep me accountable on this…by texting me or any other form of communication that you feel would be appropriate – since I will be connected, I will certainly get your message. URLOVD! Shelley

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