Snatch n’ Grab versus Wrestling until Blessed!

Some people want to hold on to offenses because it suits their own purposes. It gives them a reason – a place to lay the blame for things that have happened or are happening in their lives…somehow having someone or something to blame brings a crooked sense of relief, amidst the pain that exists.

The story of Jacob comes to my mind…original meaning is deceiver and he has a long history of this…a snatch and grab kind of mentality…but then Jacob had to wrestle with God – he had to maintain his grip on and not let go of….in order that a change could be wrought within him.  If we snatch and grab at reasons, things or people to lay blame on – we will never move on or grow up into maturity. We will continually be justifying our actions to ourselves and others.  It really is time to wrestle with God and not let go until He bestows a blessing….Are you ready for that? Let go of the snatch and grab and hang on tight to God!

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