The Battlecry – the sound of Victory!

With fervour and hostility we march onwards,

the energies we employ for battle, for His Glory,

NO blood be spilt on this battlefield, it’s all been poured out before,

Our weapons, not spears nor plough shears – His Love!

Poured out, once for all, His Power shown, for evermore,

His Body, the church, grows in number, day by day

Some battle worn, some scarred, some still in desperate need,

This is His army, a mottly crew, though Hand chosen…they seem only a few…

Numbers, size, strength, this is not the measure,

Indeed, He has implanted in each – His treasure,

His Authority, as occupiers of His territory,

The Divine nature, the power, a deposit of His-story

Let us gather then, in readiness, no longer afraid,

Of the inhabitants of this land,

For as we march out to the battle ground,

We no longer see our enemy,  we see, with eyes open,

The many fallen, injured and forlorn, torn by the ravages of this war,

We are called – to tend them, not with weapons – with His Love!

And bring the Kings release and peace that descends as a dove,

His declaration, you now are also occupiers, residents in His Territory,

Your safety and your trust, placed in Him, true security

Let us not grow weary in well-doing, nor take our eyes off the prize,

This is our march of Victory, time for the Righteous soldiers to arise,

The battle cry, the trumpet blast, the sound of marching feet

No longer distant, dusty, lonely roads of defeat,

The Church, Christ’s body here on earth,

United, mobilised, infused with Holy Spirit Power,

Prepare – Be still and know, that He is God, that this – the time and hour,

He is bringing in the broken and sending out the scouts for more,

To find those left out in the cold, they’re hearts His Love to thaw,

You – you are called, to take your station, gird up your arms and feet,

The call has come, from the only One, Who sits on the mercy seat,

Stand, all His people, receive your Holy orders,

Then march out, near and far, the lands, the peoples, there are no borders,

The ground and sea and sky, this My declaration, this is the day of Salvation!

Freedom for the captives, all nations to arise,

The enemy camp, in confusion and demise,

Speak clearly now My Bride, voices in one mighty accord,

The harvest is ripe – time to waste, we cannot afford.

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