The Bride of Christ

I wonder if you have ever pondered why the church is called the Bride of Christ? There are people inside and outside the church, that will view and make negative comments…I confess I have myself in the past..been disappointed, put down and let down by individuals within the church…and I have had to work on and through the attitudes that have risen within… me on these issues.  I am glad I have and I have been noticing that within me is rising a new love for the church.   See, the church is filled with people that are simply not perfect….just like you and me, we are fallible and at times, flailing around for authenticity in a world of turmoil and tumultuous events. Our expectations of ourselves and of others that identify themselves with the church seems far higher than the everyday Jo or Joanne on the street…and perhaps it should be…thing is, we all still need Love, Grace and Forgiveness.  So, I have accepted that wherever people are there are going to be problems – and that everybody needs Divine Love.  So that means, whether inside or outside the church, Love is the common denominator.  So, having said that, my thoughts return to the church, as the Bride of Christ… If you were preparing to be married – would you speak ill of your Bride or Bride-Groom? I mean really….would you?  Whether you are a man or a woman, preparing for your wedding day is an amazing time of looking forward to many good things – times together, united in marriage.  So….likewise, as we look forward to the day of our eternal union with our Creator, as His Bride (which is His Holy Church), lets us remember that no matter how we seem to be ‘’unready’’ or blemished, He alone is making His Bride ready and we should be doing all that we are able, as we see the day approaching, to speed this day to it’s fruition by building up the Bride. We are Christ’s Body Builders and in all that we do, say and think, let us be builders not breakers!  We are His Bride – being made ready for the Bridegroom!  URLOVD!

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