Investment…what is your risk appetite?

Determining what is an asset and a liability in our lives is a valuable exercise !

Sometimes it is easy to determine, other times not so….it may take a longer, harder, deeper look to ascertain the actual value of something and then to decide to keep it or shed it!  So…looking at it from the viewpoint of asset vs liability and therefore, investment vs divestment – meaning take out of or letting go.  There are some things I’ve found worth letting go…annoyances, grievances, unforgiveness, judgements, things that hold me back and don’t grow me!  These are liabilities that I divest from my life. Then there are the assets – or things and people I make investments into…that build up a valuable and worthwhile portfolio – a nest egg even – in terms of being enriched by and adding value to my life and those around me.  I don’t encourage nor discourage life-insurance, although this analogy is quite useful here…a life insurance package can be spread over various levels of risk: low, medium and high risk investments. “Investment can be influenced by the risk appetite of the  investor.”                                                                                 I like that – risk appetite!

In terms of the things of the Kingdom of God…       I have a growing appetite for investment of the risky kind.  You see, I have determined that God invested His one and only Son, in paying the price for my salvation and that was a big price He paid. Do you think that was a risky  investment?                                                                           I mean everybody on this planet, who knows and those who don’t know yet, the price Jesus paid for each one of them – means freedom for now and all eternity.  That was and is a risky investment…but He has determined that we are worth that kind of investment.

Investing into something means there is an expected, anticipated return…the higher the risk – the higher the expected return!  That leaves me with only one conclusion and I am risking my all into investing myself into the things of God, knowing that He has first taken that risk on me…and His return, is me…all of me.

The risk: In the worldly sense…high.

In Kingdom Economy: A sure thing with a huge return on investment – Eternal life for those who are perishing!

I’m off to invest into the things that are of Eternal reward to Him who first invested Himself in me!

Bring it on… the return on Your investment God!

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