URLOVD….therefore: Be, Go, Do!

My blog title  (https://urlovd.wordpress.com)  comes from a personal journey – of coming to know without a doubt that I am Loved and with that comes my true identity and sure purpose!

I could share with you my life story…tell you about the highs and lows, of pain and self-determination, of a tenacity that willed me to keep going in the face of all kinds of challenges and culminating in an encounter with the Lover of my soul. In a nutshell, that is it…the rest I invite you to read herein…and that you would also know that URLOVD!

I am secure because God holds me firmly and tenderly in His loving arms and never lets me go. He also speaks…yes, the Creator, whispers to my inner being, telling me how much He loves to sit with me, speak words of destiny and infuses His presence, power and peace within, to accomplish the tasks He created me for…

Therein my simple philosphy of Be, Go, Do!

BE…still and know that I am God. Ps 46:10
GO…into all the world and preach the Gospel..and make disciples. Mark 16:15, Matt 28:19
DO…what you see the Father doing…and greater things shall you do. John 5:18-20


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