Authenticity – Creates Higher Levels of Trust

Living authentically means honestly seeking deeper and more meaningful relationships.

With this, then comes a greater measure of trust is something not often found and definitely not a commodity that can be bought.   TRUST is the essence of all authentic relationships.

T ruthful

R eal

U nderstanding (compassionate/empathetic)

S incere Love

T riumphant !

God doesn’t only Love us…He trusts us. He even entrusts us with his glorious message of salvation…and empowers us to share that.  Out of the love and trust relationship we have, he knows he can rely on us to be faithful with that message.  We have built up a relationship of love and trust: a reliance on each other. That doesn’t come from a brief encounter, a moment here or there, an on again off again dalliance. 

Real relationship is born out of authentic love and trust.  Authenticity leads to a growth in trust and intimacy.

Intimacy…spending time together, listening, speaking, sharing, knowing something deep about each other….and treasuring that. There is great value in intimacy because of the high level of love and trust developed over time.

Let’s continue to go deeper in intimacy, trust and Love! 

There is safety and security in an intimate relationship!

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