Stitched up VERSES Being Undone…there is no competition!

Being stitched up by the world verses being undone by God…there is simply no competition!

 I have experienced both…

 To stitch someone up, is to frame them, to deliberately land them in trouble and being ‘stitched up’ means  ‘to have been the victim of false evidence’

 Being stitched up by the world, in the sense that I have been swindled by the offer of all kinds of “good’’ stuff….fast money, instant things, quick fixes, buy now pay later, the offer of bliss that only resulted in long standing issues….you get the idea!

 So, being undone by God…what does that mean or look like?

Sitting in His presence….sharing, hearing and really listening to His voice of Love to me. Telling others about His greatness…His beautiful presence…like today, when I was in the midst of telling a group of people about His Love….and then I couldn’t speak…I was struck dumb…the words…became completely extinct, gone and in their place – Him…only Jesus.  My brain – fried. My tongue – tied. My heart – totally captivated! My all found completely in God.

 Funny how less is so much more! Less of the world..less talk..less clutter..less things…less mess and more Message!  I get and got the Person of the Message today and was completely undone! 

I like it like that…because God holds the entire universe in place and holds me entirely together in that moment completely!

 The end of the story….I was able to finish…and say that His Love motivates us to speak His Words of life and prophecy to those around us…He alone gave me back my voice to say such things!

 The world has no hold on me, Jesus – the real deal is here to stay in my life and if that means being undone more often…I would rather be undone everyday of the rest of my life than be stitched up by the empty promises of the world. 

 When undone in God…in that moment..“God has made you complete in Christ…” Colossians 2:10

 URLOVD so totally!