A snippet of Truth, like the light from a candle – can change the whole atmosphere.



 Did you know that everywhere you go – you influence the atmosphere around you?

You have that much influence! You do!



I don’t want to play down the global warming thing…it’s just that there are so many things in this world that make themselves more important, more urgent and bigger than what they really are…you know what I mean?!


On the other hand, there is one thing in life, that is often not given enough consideration…is down played and minimized more than anything else and really should not be…the question of our destiny…I don’t just mean our time here on this planet – although that is important – I mean our eternal destiny.


Many talk about our present times, the issues at hand, the affects of global warming, the extinction of species of animals, the increase in all kinds of natural disasters, global financial crisis and so on and so on…we are bombarded 24/7 with every issue under the sun…it’s enough to keep one so totally preoccupied from a very important question…a question that should be asked and an answer sought…


Where will I go when I die?


Perhaps it’s a question that many just do not want to ask….or don’t care….or don’t want to think about…or are too preoccupied to think about…or….?


I believe I horrified my sister, when I told her that I was looking forward to dieing…even excited at the thought. Of course that is quite a statement, just out of the blue! But honestly, I am very much thrilled at the thought of passing from this world to the next…not that I am not having a great time right here and now.  The thing is when you know where you are going…there is no fear in death, no wondering or worrying..it’s all completely laid out, right there in the Book, what my destination is like..and it is already prepared and ready for me…I have even seen a glimpse of it…and I really like it!


So, like getting ready to move house…getting things in order, tidied up and shipshape, all in preparation…where needed, shedding any extra baggage, discarding any ‘old junk’.. in order to be ready anytime…to make the move, the transition into Eternal Glory….


That kind of confidence comes only from one place…from one Person…a relationship with the Creator of the Universe.  If you have that confidence – great! If you want that confidence – great!…Lets talk…soon…even email me now… urlovd@sctelco.net.au  Let’s connect… I am happy to share my story with you.