The Answer is here!

No matter what comes our way.. yet will we trust

It is not the what-if’s, the maybe’s, the
possibilities, the stresses and trials, the testings and temptations that will
draw us away from our God.

It is the decision unmade – the prayer unspoken –

“No matter what comes – yet will I trust you O’God!

We want to so desperately to know the end from the

The answer beckoned and not yet arrived…

What OR Who is the focus?

Why has God not answered my prayers?

O my soul, why so weary at looking after such things,
when the Comforter is right here next to you!

Our Saviour is here – now – perhaps not with the answer
you want at this moment, however..

He is the Answer for NOW!

He brings PEACE that surpasses all understanding.

He brings His very presence to comfort and reside in

He brings gifts of many kinds, though unseen, their eternal
purposes to perform.

Right here, right now, in this place, the Spirit is
tending to the tree – that is me,

and will produce a crop in due season…the fruit of
the Spirit that will continue bearing fruit for all time and eternity.


URLOVD extravagantly!

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