What culture do you embrace?

Culture is something that has been established over time to meet the presiding unanimous majority’s desires, wants and needs.  Culture, as we may know it,  is not necessary something written or spoken of directly in fact, it is often something quite ethereal and ‘’out there somewhere’’ and yet something everyone “knows”….it is ‘’the way things are’’…not always easily explained or understood.  If you don’t like it…go and find yourself another culture, don’t rock the boat, because you will feel the pressure of the presiding unanimous majority and it will not be nice for you.  The pressures of a society that has established precedents in culture and ways of doing things, do not take kindly to the status quo being interrupted or unbalanced in any way – so just don’t rock the boat…ok!


Well..that was fun….my quirky sense of what culture might be…


When it comes to culture, we could be talking about a nation or we could be talking about an office or home environment.  Culture, as we know it, is definitely something that humans create….sometimes purposefully and other times, simply by the way individuals and then groups of people live – the way life is organised and it becomes part of the culture.  This would include food, ways of cooking it, types of food, how it is eaten and whom it is eaten with and so on… Culture touches every part of a person’s life – including and especially beliefs.


I would like to say, that I do not believe that CULTURE of itself is inherently bad….the good or bad, comes from the individuals that built and embrace a culture that has distinctly unhealthy and harmful practices to either themselves or other human beings and may include, atrocities to animals and the earth. 


So, that being said, is there a possibility of a culture that is in every way, something that would embrace everything good, holy and righteous?   There is a way…it is possible…and it is clearly spelt out in the Book of Life.


Psalm 46 talks about a culture of stillness, a culture where everything we need for life and Godliness is found in this place…a culture that says first BE still and know God, be still and wait for His power to come upon you, then Go and Do greater things.  It is a totally inclusive Culture – in the sense that, no one is excluded from participating in this culture.


This is a culture that has been established and has a definitive authority over any other culture.

To adopt this culture…this way of being, going and doing….is transformational, is revolutionary, is world changing…is radically counter cultural to the current culture embedded in our towns, cities, nations, countries. 


This is a culture of Faith, Hope and Love. A Culture that has and will continue to change the world, because it has Power that no other culture has.  This Culture has within it the very core strength and power that rose Christ Jesus from the dead, the resurrection power and the life giving power to dissolve every other culture on this planet.


Culture is built by community and the common unity of the individuals in it. Culture isn’t something that just happened…it is a deliberate decision to live and operate a certain and specific way.


The perfect culture was established by three persons in common unity – the Trinity – Father, Son, Holy Spirit. 

The best part of this Culture, is that it is documented and completely available and simple to embrace. There are no hidden agendas, nothing harmful to man, animal or planet.


It’s up to us to immerse ourselves in this Culture, to embrace it fully, since it was established from the beginning of time and there is no end to it.


If you want to be part of this Culture, adhere to the simplicity of the Gospel, believe and receive it and you have entered into the Culture of Eternity. The same Power that established all things, holds all things together and brings all things to completion.


That’s the Culture I adhere to… like glue…I’m stuck on it….and live to embrace it more and more.

You can try and rock this Cultural boat, but it ain’t tipping, it’s been attempted before and that didn’t work…the Solidarity of this Culture has been tried and tested – proven to be immovable, immutable, impossible to move.

This is real Culture!




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