Death brings life!

The dying of self occurs the best and most efficiently when we are up close and personal within relationship, especially with close family members….yep! you know what I’m talkin about…we fight the hardest with those we are closest to…for a purpose…in order that we die to self! That type of death brings life.

Okay…so I understand, that this is most definitely not a popular message…but you and I both know, that this is actually true…..we have spats, disagreement, full on arguments and fights over things – often the littlest things too…things that we would just not bother about with anyone else. Things that really, in the scheme of things, just would not normally bring about a world war three magnitude fight.

This is most definitely by design…and that design is aimed right at YOU – smack dab at the centre of your life!

These fights and arguments are so that you would die!

Oh dear…now that sounds painful….

Well…it can be – or not…it comes down to a personal choice.

The sooner we choose to live life according to the good Book and the Way Jesus says…the sooner we die, in order to really live!

It is such a back-to-front thing…from the world’s perspective…but in this other world we live…the spiritual world, that as we desire, hunger and go after the life of the Spirit – this back-to-front worldview is totally reasonable and makes complete sense.

The other thing I have noticed is that not only is it the closest people to you, that seem to put us in the firing line – for dying to self, but also those within our church family….let them get a bit closer and you will know exactly what I mean…

However, this process of dying to self – is the only road to the bestest life you are ever going to live.

Try it – go on, I dare you…get closer to others and see how much dying to self,  brings life abundant!

If you lose your life – you will gain it!

Matthew 16:25

Luke 17:33

John 12:25


One response to “Death brings life!

  1. thank you Shelly for the reminder. That is such a good perspective to have. If we have that in our hearts then when those times come, and they will, it makes it that much easier to die to the thing.
    I have three teenagers, so you could say, I am dying to self, a lot. lol

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