Are you in a place of desolation…deliverance is present also!

The desperation of desolation is the vehicle to consolation, comfort and confirmation…

..that you are on the right track..don’t take another turn or twist on that road,  be still and know God in that moment – for the Answer has arrived! Not a moment too soon or late..He never leaves us nor forsakes us..He has provided a way out, made provision for our rescue…it is finished!


If we would be still in those times of great tumult, times where it seems and really is – that all hell has broken loose, He waits for us to be still and lean into Him, in order that we would have eyes to see His deliverance, His answer, His presence, His delight in us – that we did not panic, but only put our trust in Him alone. 


Sweet Jesus, your Presence – Divine…

My life, my troubles, thinking only are mine,

But you all along, with a deliverance song,

Had me safely embraced, where I belong!

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