He turned my awful into Awe-full!

Are you in a place where you just feel awful?

When we are in that place where everything is just dreadful, miserable, messed up and plain terrible…we have a place to go…that is not down. Since we are already rock bottom!

Ok, so that’s logical –  however, not always the logical happens in this situation – since we seem to have an uncanny knack of making bad situations worse – it’s plainly a human trait –

We wanna fix it and in the process there is only going to be one outcome…worse becomes worser!

For sure, many of us would not enjoy admitting that we do this, nor would we take kindly to anyone pointing those moments out to us….nooooo!  But, if you would be honest enough to admit it…trying to dig yourself out of your own hole – always…without exception, results in a much deeper hole…usually with even more extenuating circumstances…now there is water seeping in, the dirt is turning to mud, it’s even colder, darker, more dangerous and the nerves are totally shattered!  Not a pretty picture!

God alone can take our most awful predicament and do the most wonderful thing…He enters into it…sits with us…even for awhile…and we begin to sense, feel, know and be changed by His Presence, His Love, His Completeness and something happens to this awful, it is changing…

We become awestruck and in complete awe of Him – now when we look, we only see Him. No further digging required! All tools down. Eyes fixed on the Author and Perfector of our faith – He is the Way out of our awful mess and ushers us into His Awe-inspiring Presence.

Be Awe-filled today by His Presence!

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