Mammon or manna for each day? It’s all about the rate of exchange!


Getting the best rate of exchange!


Have you ever tried to get your cash converted into another currency?

Perhaps you’ve taken an overseas trip and before departing, shopped around for the best rate of exchange…with the lowest fees, costs and transfers…


Today – the dollar is worth this much or that much…tomorrow who knows?

The exchange rate flips and flops, up and down many times even in one day.

The value on cash is always fluctuating.

The value God puts on what you do with this cash – His exchange rate only ever goes UP! 

In more ways than one…

(notice the value is not on the cash itself…it’s on what you do with it..)


Let’s take a look at the value of the widows mite…(Luke 21:1-4) let us speculate that the value of two mite is somewhere between 2cent and 5cents…whatever it’s face value, it was extremely small – the thing is, this is absolutely everything she had and therefore, in God’s economy it’s value was INFANTESSAMALL…extremely valuable, “like” gold…

Compared with the notes and coins of the rich people that gave on that same day, the value of which was miniscule…actually worthless to God…because God doesn’t need their/our money….He doesn’t need anything of our possessions…nothing to show for our dedication to Him. 

There is only one thing in the Bible, that God says “test me in this” (Malachi 3:10) and that is about His rate of exchange when it comes to cash.


The economy of the Kingdom is the only Creative accounting…it’s so radical and so enormous, we truly cannot comprehend it!


Cash may be the currency of earth…however, the conversion rate in the Heavenly exchange – outstrips any other rate of exchange going…like changing water in wine, taking us from death to life, sickness to health, curses to blessings, in weakness we are made strong.  Like manna from heaven – money for our daily use, not to store up for tomorrow. Invest money today for the sake of the Kingdom and tomorrow will take care of itself…


More than that – invest your “self” into the Heavenly exchange and you will see that He value’s you far more than anything else…that is the whole point of the story.


God’s economy is so very different to ours…for example: He gave his life for ours. (John 3:16)


How much do you think His life is worth compared to ours? The results are in: far more than the price we could have paid. His life paid in full, the penalty for every sin there ever was, is and is to come. Too much for any of us to pay!


The Creator of the universe, the very Giver of Life…gave unto death, even death on a cross, (Phill 2:8)  so that we might choose life!  Choose this day: Life or death – Choose Life!  (Deut 30:19)


Everything we offer UP in exchange for His Life – goes UP in value…markedly, significantly…and we see in His rate of exchange –  that …

             Jesus takes the corruptible and makes it incorruptible!



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