You have not, because you ask not…in the right way!

Do we give our children whatever they want whenever they want it?

When my children come to me with a whining voice and attitude, my response is:

“If you want something, ask properly…with a cheerful voice and right attitude.”

Sometimes I have even gone a step further and said to them…sometimes when I say no, you need to give me a good reason, why I should change my mind…put your case clearly, concisely, confidently…and I will consider it and may even change my decision…because you pressed in and put your case…and didn’t whine about it…

If that is how I operate – perhaps, if I took that attitude of pressing into God, I would see and receive more of the blessings He has…since the storehouse is full of them and ready for dispatch!

I am just now starting to ‘’get’’ that…and practising…already I am seeing deliveries!

I have been somewhat like the guy that buried what he had been given…(Matthew 25:25) not really appreciating it for what it was and WHO it was from…the VALUE of the initial gift (in this example – ‘’talent’’).  It was only the first deposit of many that was INTENDED to be given….however, because of the attitude to that talent and the Giver of it (more’s the point) this man was judged as wicked and what was given to him, was taken away and he really did have nothing…

How many times do we think that what we have is like ‘’nothing’’…compared to what we really want…or think we deserve or should have..?….hmmmm….

Every good thing that we have is a gift from the very hand of God…and by having a bad attitude to it or whining about it…we with-hold from ourselves – YES that’s right – God does not with-hold any good thing from us – we do!

Would you give somebody that is standing in front of you, whining and whingeing any good thing?

Perhaps you might – just to silence the incessant noise…but you wouldn’t give the best of what you had, just something to get them off your back! And off they would go…happy with something….even if it’s not the best they could have had. They are none the wiser actually…until they get sick of that thing and come back for another quick fix…

I don’t want to whinge and whine to God about what I want…I want to present to Him my request and know that He hears me and delights in despatching those things that He has promised as my inheritance, as a member of His family.

I am discovering that there is a WAY to ask, seek and knock and the door is opened to me…even as I am coming, I see the door swinging open…and that is so much fun…beyond my wildest thoughts or imaginations!

Ask, seek, knock and the door will be open unto you!

God rewards those who diligently seek Him!

More coming….

URLOVD limitlessly!

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