Move to improve yourself.

Do you get the thought sometimes, that people around you should just grow up!

Maybe they are talking about something that just isn’t interesting to you or seems so shallow and immature…

You can stay there….and listen…and inside be disappointed, judgemental, upset….even angry.

You have a choice…

Stay put and speak up OR shut up and get up

and choose to MOVE TO IMPROVE yourself.

 The only way anything will change…is by one individual choosing to do something different in their own life.

So…you don’t like what you see or hear…know this…you are the only one that can change that!

They are your ears and your eyes….and you can choose to move to improve your current viewing and hearing habits.

If you choose to stay put and speak up – because you have a relationship with those individuals communicating….be sure of this – if your intention is to change ‘’them’’, this is not likely to happen!

If your aim is to love them…build them up…encourage…increase an individual’s value as a human being…then speak up and see the magnificent result.  The difference between the two scenario’s is tremendous and large one….be sure you know the difference, since there is a great big chasm in between, that will swallow you up, if you attempt it without the right ‘’altitude’’ (heart of Love). 

I have been there (fallen into the chasm) and it is not a pleasant place – it’s truly a place of further hurt, pain and unnecessary conflict.

 So, when you are next in that place…stay or go, speak up or shut up…Love is the answer….

Position yourself to receive His transforming power in your life… Move to improve myself!

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