What are you wearing?


Beware! OR Be and Wear!

Are we on the offensive or defensive? The front foot or the back foot?

This morning I was reflecting on something a person said to me a couple of weeks ago…

when they said to me: “Beware!”


I was asking the Lord about this, He simply said: 


BE found in Me, complete and hid, safe from all harm… and

WEAR the garments of praise and the Robes of Righteousness!

Whatever comes (trying to be..) against you will not prosper. 

We do not need to beware in a way that makes us stand-offish, fearful, concerned about what may come our way…we are to BE confident in our position in the Kingdom of God

The Kingdom of God is advancing and will not suffer loss!

I Love God : He brings clarity, confidence and calmness. 

This kind of confident assurance is the essence of God Himself!

I was reading in Matthew 12:24 and realised that there will be those that perceive the things of God, as if, they were things from the devil. Those things that appear as threats, are only the small sounds of distraction.

Our focus – our God..His presence to heal and seal all those that are His, in His Kingdom.

We are made alive to Him and dead to everything else.

URLOVD most assuredly!

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