Sin is like hot sauce!

I actually really like hot sauce…I like the sensation in my mouth, mixed with the flavours of the food I am eating with  it and even the marvellous warmth inside my stomach.  I know it’s not everyone’s ‘’cup of tea’’ – that’s cool!


My son had an experience with hot sauce last night…and it was not a cool experience for him! 

We had a hot dog dinner at church and the hot sauce was present for anyone to try – there was much talk amongst those gathered about the pro’s and con’s and of those that tried it…who seemed to rise to hero status.

“Wow – you tried some…so how was it?”

My darling twin boys asked me and I told them I had…just a little bit and I liked it.

I’m guessing they then went off to take a look – at the bottle, sitting, (unguarded) at the dinner table.

One of them, in his curiosity, picked it up to take a look, (definitely not a taste) the process of touching the bottle, he inadvertently got some residue on his fingers. 

I am not sure of the time lapse from that point to the point he came to me with trauma written all over his face! He was unable to speak accept with sobs and squeaky noises…

His brother, thankfully, witnessed what happened and told me…in the process of whisking “the squeaky one” off to the bathroom for immediate flushing of the offending sauce.  

He had touched the bottle, then as you do, hands moving around, went to mouth, face, eyes…and veula….within seconds, absolute and complete consumption of the senses with pain. 

I do believe, he learnt a big lesson – even touching the hot sauce bottle can get you into ‘’hot water’’!

The event happened last it is still very vivid and fresh in our minds…and we will probably reflect on it and talk about it for years to come…

For now, though, I am getting a revised taste of the ‘’hotness and pain’’ that sin inflicts upon an individual…just even the smallest touch and then it spreads, without any effort

Sin taints the most sensitive parts of our self. 

I hope that in my children’s growing up, this experience will prove to be useful in learning that sin, specifically indulging in things outside of God’s glorious best for us, results in instant pain…as well, we know also, longer term pain and consequences…until we come to a point of repentance and receiving His Provision for our salvation.

May our senses be filled with the knowledge that our salvation is a safe haven, a place where we are completely encompassed in His Love, acceptance and security and live from that place.

I also hope and pray that we never become desensitised to the pain of sin and it’s result…

though our focus being, the Answer to that sin is ever present – for His good pleasure and ours. (John 3:16..and beyond) 

Hot sauce for a moment (or so..), like sin – can be a life lesson for ever…

DON’T EVEN TOUCH..or you will be contaminated and it TOTALLY HURTS!

 URLOVD Deliciously!

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