Faith…Works…they go together!

I have a clothes dryer that doesn’t work very well.  I turn it on with the clothes in  – but there is no heat…the purpose for which is was designed and built was to dry the clothes. The only way I knew it wasn’t working, was when it stopped and I went to remove the ‘dry’ clothes, to find that they were all still wet.

So… faith without works and works without faith, is a bit like that – without heat the clothes dryer turns around and around, with no result in the actual drying of the clothes. So, now I have to either get the dryer fixed or buy a new one.  No matter how much I try and adjust the settings on the dryer…do more (works)…or add more clothes (faith) nothing will change, the clothes will just not dry. It needs to be fixed or completely replaced.

Our faith without works and works without faith are like that too…one without the other just does not bring a result…accept perhaps frustration, annoyance and well – nothing to show for it!

More coming… URLOVD completely!


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