Are you ready to ask for help?

I was waiting today…and person A came in to do something.

The person in charge asked:

“Do you know how to operate the photocopier..?” 

Person A said…”oh’s simple enough..I’ll give it a whirl.”

Person in charge:

“It’s a bit complicated…I need to put in the password and show you how to operate it…”

And so he did.

It reminded me right then…we act as if we know what we are doing…most of the time…however, are we willing and ready to ask for help…even before we do anything? 

God wants us to ask even before we do anything…because He wants to help…even if we think we know what we are doing!  I am pausing and thinking on that one…Selah!

Proverbs 15:22, 16:1,3,9…and so many other places too…

URLOVD consistently!


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