Is my faith enough?

Lately I listened to a friend share her desperation about her step-child.  Her deep concern about his life and choices.  Her belief that his father could have more impact on his life than she does or could.

I shared with her that I didn’t believe that was true…because…


I have been a single Mum for the past 18 months, while my husband has been in a teen challenge program…and honestly, we are in better shape now – than we have ever been. Let me explain…at one stage during this separation period, I really did despair that our children were missing out on having their father at home and his influence…and God spoke to that. 


I am your all in all and their’s also….this is an opportunity to live that into their lives. 


It is painful to have one parent missing or absent, it is hard, it is disappointing and frustrating and tiring at times. 

The thing is…that God is our all in all. He is the father to the fatherless…the hope to the hopeless…


In my discussion I encouraged my friend, that even when a father is present (although absent in others ways) that God is still present – in her ability to invest and input into the boys life…encouraging and teaching him to make God his all in all.  It is not, that the example as a mother is any less or more, than the example of a father…but that God Himself is represented and He is more than enough.  If being a Mum (or Dad) was not enough to represent God to others, we would have no hope at all… the thing is – we cannot be both – but God is all in all and more than enough.


The pointing to Him by our actions, words and His word is enough to lead anyone to Him, especially those within our immediate circle of influence.


Jesus is the focus – not being a mother, father, brother, sister, male, female.


Do not lose hope..your testimony of Jesus is enough to bring about His greatness into another’s life!

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