My very first experience of going to a live AFL football match was AMAZING… we ascended the stairs…stairs and more stairs…and came out onto the upper landing of the stadium – the thunder hit!  It hit me in the chest with such force I almost fell over…


I was transfixed to the one spot, as the crowd exploded in a thunderous voice and applause – it was like standing directly in front of  a bass speaker at extreme volume….the vibration reverberated through my body and took my breath away!

 I was completely flawed – I had never experienced anything near it…the cheering and shouting and depth of it all!

The attendance that day was around 70,000…and WOW! what an experience…I do not remember much else about the game or even who won…I comprehended extremely little about what was happening on the field.

However, I will never forget how the crowd’s vocal responses to each teams attempts to score and achieving that goal…brought about yet another thunderous roar. I loved it and was even addicted already!  

From that moment on I had an understanding that every single person engaged in supporting their team did not think anything at all, of anyone, jumping up and down, cheering and shouting at the top of their lungs – and how very acceptable that is – in fact, this was the uniting factor for all in attendance  – Excellent!

Do you think there is any other arena that would bring about

such unity of human spirit and expression?

I look for it…I pray for it…I partake…within the context of our local congregation…and even on occasions break out in loud acclamation and give a shout to our King of Kings and Lord of Lords, who alone is highly exalted…and think – later, where was the roar? Where was the mighty crowd exploding in adulation and mighty praise – magnifying Him who is Worthy of all we have within us…to come out! 

 (In comparison to the footy crowds – this other crowd squeaks out something of a constipated burp of something…barely recognisable…just in case, perhaps, the fellow next to them, is offended or the noise is not the level acceptable.)


I yell and shout in my car in joyous abandon to my King…

I dance and sing with freedom in my lounge room in worship to Him,

In public places though, when overtaken with His Presence…

I will let loose, and look like a goose…because I’m here for Him.


May our worship to God look more more….

like uninhibited adoration and surrender to our King

The Lord of Lords who alone is Worthy of everything within

And I to Him, abandoned…

Side by side, the great crowd rise up…voices rising in crescendo

The thunderous roar, the depth of bass

All praises come together enmass,

Never ceasing praise, Holy and Divine

This – our spiritual act of worship

The thunderous roar entwine

As we become one in Him..

I am yours and You are Mine!


YES…and more and more so, as the day approaches..more cheering and shouting…Praising our Heavenly Father, Jesus our King and Holy Spirits Awesome presence! They are certainly the Best to shout for! 

We’re on the winning team – give a great shout of acclamation to our King!

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