Nothing is too surprising….

Ever noticed when there are people saying weird, strange and even fabricated stuff about you and your family…nothing is too surprising….


For sure, I am worked up over it…I am ropeable, outraged, frustrated….though I know my battle isn’t with those that say such things. My battle isn’t even with the ‘accuser of the brethren’…right now, my battle is within – it’s with myself.

My desire and my felt need to correct the perception, the inaccurate information that has been spoken, the negative slant that has been put forward….I want an opportunity to have my say about the situation. The thing is – even if I did, it wouldn’t change what has been said nor any perceptions corrected, actually – it would probably solidify them, even give creditability to them.  There is another part of me that is really OK with that…really settled on this fact that no matter if I had a chance to change anyone’s mind on this, I don’t think I would even bother.

You see – the opportunity for truth-seekers and truth-speakers is always NOW. If a person chooses not to seek truth or speak truth, no matter what I say to try and defend myself or my family – I will be very unlikely to succeed in changing that one’s mind, thoughts, perceptions or heart on the matter. So…why beat my head up over it? So I will not.

The tactics, the wirely words, the schemes, the underhandedness, the ridiculous nature of the accuser is actually laughable – yes – In the light of JESUS never changer, never giving up, always and forever LOVE… As for me and my household we are found in HIM and therefore HIS identity, His stamp of approval and His protection rests on and abides here! Yes and Amen!

The One that knows all things is right in the midst…nothing surprises Him…He never changes.

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