Approval Addiction Part 2

The object or focus, most often a ”close” person (of the addiction / approval seeking) is both idolised and hated.

On one hand, unrealistically raised up on a pedestal…risen to a level of idealism and unreality, a podium of adoration –  held there precariously.  This is a man-made pedestal and therefore very unstable.  At any moment, without warning, it is toppled by the swinging of a pendulum…blown about by the winds of false humility, hope and expectation.

Next a wrecking ball of deep disappointment, unmet unrealistic expectations and even hatred and despising of the object (person) previously adored.

One minute adoration the next wreckage and abandonment!

The roller coaster ride – sickening, mind numbing and incomprehensible…confusion, hurt, pain…

For both the addicted one and the one being idolised!

God is a Jealous God and will not allow this to continue.

If you have found yourself in either position, as the one seeking approval – other than from God and the one caught in the trap of the other…let’s connect.  It’s time to receive His merciful healing from the pain and trauma that is wrought in both. The lie is exposed. No longer can shame, embarrassment, fear of failure, frustration, anger and rage be manifest in the life of the one’s that cry out for God’s intervention. He is present to heal, deliver and set free!

Join this blog and send me a message and I will reply and connect with you. Together we will see deliverance, freedom and abundant life!

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