Which road to take…?

Driving along the highway on cruise control does not ensure safety any more than driving with vigilance on the winding back roads. However, being vigilant is far more wise than being on cruise control! The highway may be comfortable, the view expansive and the road ahead visible.

The journey of discovery is most often, not immediately evident and requires commitment and concentration ”at the wheel”, comfort is not guaranteed. The road less travelled is inherently rich in treasures not sort or discovered by the multitudes. This road takes much longer to traverse because of it’s many twists and turns – these are not to be feared, but embraced. The thrill of the next hill, the next corner, the surprise and joy of what lies just beyond…the glories yet undiscovered, far outweigh the time taken to cover that piece of road.  This road has many rest stops…many refreshing fountains to take a drink. This is not a road for the sleepy or faint-hearted..this is for the bold and courageous, those infused with a desire for adventure and discovery and those that are not perturbed by interruptions, hold-ups, pot-holes or twists and turns…these are all part of the thrill, the joy and though the journeys end is in sight – this present path is the greatest moment for revelation of Glory that ever was.

Present potential is the most potent…not past or future…this road is not easy or smooth – though eyes are not just on the road…because vigilance, wisdom, peace and rest combine to bring a sharpness of focus, a kaleidoscope of colour and clarity of Vision…unfurling the path just ahead…and one is completely enamoured and captivated by the One who leads. The path includes far more than the road, everything on either side, the scenery, movement and stillness…combine and nothing is of greater or lesser value…all is for enjoyment!

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