There must be more to life….

Driving home from work…I was thinking about one of my new workmates…

I was thinking about the question I asked her… “Do you have any hobbies?”

Her answer was simply “No…no time…I work three jobs to keep a roof over my head.” 

I pondered what she said.

I asked God…’’How is my life different?  Since I too, am working to keep the rent paid, the children fed and the bills paid…and at times, it seems just an existence.”  I waited…the gap seemed like a chasm…the thoughts were of a life of emptiness…no purpose…nothing…no reason accept to exist the daily grind,….

Then I heard: “You have Me! You have purpose…you live to be loved by Me, to love Me and to love others…”

I thought about that –  this is the difference between existing and really living. If I am loved and can share that love – that is much more than just existing.

Although my life may not look much different from another, in terms of working, eating, sleeping….understanding there is true purpose in this living, makes all the difference. I wouldn’t go to work if I didn’t see purpose in it…not just in earning money – but loving those I am working with. Sharing with them the love I have, the Person that Loves on me 24/7 and gives me real life. That is why I go to work. That is why I live on this planet. That is why I am here – to say URLOVD by God, the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth…the whole Universe is held together by Him. The air we breathe is provided by Him.

I think back to my life before God and realise that the daily grind of existence is what actually brought me to the point of saying: “There must be more to life…” and “What is the point of living anyway…?”

Life isn’t a grind anymore…my days do have challenges, it’s not all high mountain top experiences and it’s no all valleys either…everyday though, is filled with God’s presence, power and peace…and I truly Love living this Way!

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