On the run from the law!

Have you ever been pursued by the law?

The very letter of the law…pursues until every “i” is dotted and “t” crossed…. 

The law is hungry unto itself…even to the devouring of something or someone – it’s about death – not life.

We can never meet all the requirements of the law…there are just too many. You could try, as the Israelites did, back in the day…of the old testament. The law was instigated to show that it is impossible to keep it – in order that it would show the way to something else..another way of doing things…another Way of being.

That is the other law…and the other half of the greatest story ever written – actually ever lived!

The other law is the law of Life which is all about Love.  A LOVE which is also all about death too.

Huh? Wait a minute…death?

YEP…the law of Life is about death…death on a Cross, which brought and wrought for all humanity real, true, abundant Life..life to the full! 

So, actually, I am on the run into the Law…the new covenant Law of Life and Love!

How does that work?  Good question…don’t have all the answers – just know the One who does!

 What I do know is: if you lose your life you will gain it. If I die to self and selfishness and live to Christ and “serviceness” therein lies the brightest, biggest, most brilliant life ever lived.  My life given in service to the will of God is a springboard…a marvellous platform for an entirely different kind of living to the one lived in the flesh…the carnal nature of man.  If you are not sure what I mean take a look at: 

 The key to really living is death – death to self…and living to Him, abiding, dwelling, recognising as many times in a day or minute – of our entire and complete need of Him…acknowledging Him as our all in all…who meets our every need for truly living.

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