WORSHIP – a ”ship” to reside in and on!

WORSHIP – can be described as: Thanksgiving and praise, adoration, reverence, value, worth, identity in/with..

I like to describe worship as a place to reside, a real place – tangible, we can be carried along on and in.

The actual ‘’place’’ is God. His character is never changing, His actions are Love, His movement is dependable and unsinkable!  I choose to reside in and on Worship!

Along with worship comes relation-ship and partner-ship.

How big is your SHIP? Is there room for others to jump aboard….or do they have to jump ship?

Jesus is the Captain of the SHIP – so that no matter what weather comes, the SHIP will not sink!

Being in a relation-ship means  spending time developing the relations, building understanding, sharing insights and wisdom, being open, transparent and honest.

In our ‘’modern’’ society spending time building relation-ships may not be a priority…clambering to the top of a corporate ladder, increasing capacity to earn more money and building a completely different kind of ‘ship’…of the sinkable kind!

It is my believe that in choosing to WORSHIP God first and foremost, a multitude of good things come together – in which  is built a truly unsinkable ship…because when we seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, which stands forever immovable, unshakable, immutable…we are truly safe from all harm!

The many -SHIPS that come out of WORSHIP of GOD :

ambassadorship – you are now ambassabors of Christ  2 Corinthians 5:20

authorship – He is the author and perfector of our faith Heb 12:2

championship – He is our champion Jer 20:11

citizenship – in Heaven Phil 3:20

companionship – with Christ Matt 28:20

craftsmanship – in all kinds of; Ex 31:3

fellowship – with Him and  one another, as Lovers of God 2 Cor 13:14, Acts 2, 17

friendship – with God John 15:15

hardship – we have learnt, whatsoever situation we are in to be thankful  2 Tim 2:3

leadership – gifts differing…Matt 20:26

membership – you are members of One Body 1 Cor 12:20

ownership – you have been bought with a price 2 Cor 1:22

partnership – with each other and in Christ  Phil 1:5

relationship – with God in Chirst, Triune God!

workmanship – in Christ Gal 3:26

worship – of God  Luke 4:8

stewardship – of all good gifts given Gen 12:1-3

Let us reside in WORSHIP and never jump ship….URLOVD!

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