Obey for there is no other way…

Obedience far outweighs and is well and truly way ahead of the pack…the mob that trails on behind of Obedience is a motley bunch that has a form of life in it…though no true Power. The enduring Power of obedience stands alone! We have not yet seen it’s fullness in this life and the life to come cannot contain it…for it is Life itself for all Eternity! The One we obey is our radiance, sustenance and Grace. There is no need of another…

The word OBEY or obedience may not sound so inviting to us today…however, I am being draw more and more to it!

A marriage vow most often contains these words: “to Love and Obey” and this may seem archaic to our modern ears, though I invite you to visit the meaning in a fresh way.

Obey to my ears, has for a long time resulted in a resistance within me, to allow myself to submit to a person, authority or rule…however, this is not at all what the Biblical meaning of obedience is about.

Biblically, obedience was never a law, rule or institution that MUST be adhered to – obedience was and is a wilful, deliberate choice to follow, adhere to, know and be known in an intimate relationship – the goodness, safety, security, peace and rest that comes from knowing the One being obeyed.

Our world, our attitudes towards ‘’obedience’’ is so dreadfully skewed that our actual thoughts, perceptions and understandings about obedience creates a hesitation even an adhorence to the notion of obeying.

Some may even think that obedience must be blind in order that it is of any worth or value. This is also not so. God does not call us to blind obedience…He calls us into a Loving relationship, that reveals everything our hearts desire and then some…in order that we may, out of relationship, obey because of His goodness to us, His Love for us.

Living in obedience to God is a life lived in complete security and safety, knowing that there is no need for anything further to be done…IT IS FINISHED and I am won over by His Love for me. His sacrifice showed me the extent of His Love for me and I am swept up into this Love which is rock solid, immovable and totally sustainable…nothing else compares. Captivated in this Way, obedience to His Loving kindness is not just a choice…it is an abandonment of myself into His Loving arms. What you say – I will do! Speak Lord your servant is listening. In complete abandonment to Him, gladly, joyfully obeying what He says…knowing and experiencing His Love even more in living a life of obedience…continuing on in this Way of Loving and Obeying…


As a parent, I much prefer my children to obey me than to constantly whine and whinge.  The whining and wingeing says to me, that they do not believe that what they have is enough or somehow life is unfair to them. That is frustrating to me. Don’t they know yet, that I love them sooo much that I would give them all and everything that is truly good for them…and yes, sometimes withhold from them, things that may cause harm to them.

Mum, can I have another lolly? No you have had enough…

Oh, but Mum…I’ve only had one…please…I’m hungry…blah…blah..

And so I explain about stomach ache or tooth decay or dinner coming soon…giving all kinds of good reasons why the answer is no.

We are like this with God. We do not yet know His goodness towards us…His complete understanding of the end from the beginning. That to have been given ‘’this’’’or ‘’that’’ right now, would not be best for us at this moment. 

On the other hand, I say to my children…if you are able to give me a good reason for wanting, desiring, asking for a specific ‘’thing’’ which I am able to consider, then indeed the answer may be different. In other words, lets reason together. I want my children to come boldly, with sound reasoning, forethought and knowledge of the situation in order that we can together, consider and then… a decision can and will be made.

This is where I believe obedience really comes into it’s own….in a loving relationship…knowing and being known, means that we can, present our requests to God, boldly and confidently – with great boldness and great confidence…a knowledge of the Holy One, that He is listening, attentive and EVEN considerate of this proposal, suggestion, idea, thought, imagination, plan…being born in our hearts and minds, from the Love He has wrought in our hearts, minds and souls. Therefore, this request – proposal or submission is totally valid, full of His reality…even a Great Idea.

Wouldn’t that turn your thoughts of obedience on it’s head…to think that God would in this loving two way relationship…even willingly ‘’obey’’ our bold asking?  Since obedience is all about relationship and we are in one…it makes logical sense, that this would be two-ways.  As I am writing, even this sounds sacrilegious and preposterous…however it is not!

The old hymm:

Trust and obey, for there is no other way, to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.

Powerful words…trust – denotes a knowing of the one being trusted.

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