The opposite is not always the Answer!

In addressing issues in our lives, we may consider that the opposite of the issue or problem would be the answer…however in the case I present to you next, that is only defining extremes, not going to the Answer. The opposite to selfishness would be selflessness. However, both are extremes and neither are the answer to the original nor the secondary problem. The antidote for both – an inflated opinionated self and a devalued low self esteem is but one Answer.The Lord Jesus Himself! He gives complete balance, the complete picture, the assuredness and complete satisfaction of our individual worth and value, in our Creator, we are able to see clearly where we fit, where we stand and even why and the purpose for which we are here. It is clear then, our consciousness is focussed on and found within the Almighty. Issues can point us to what is Important – Intimacy with our Creator gives us true Identity!  The Beloved is mine and I am His – His banner over me is Love! ~ Shelley Weeks

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