Three words describe your Destiny

You and I know of many people today, who are seeking their destiny…their truest place…their way forward, their road and purpose.                       This is a noble and right journey to be on.

I have three small words that describe that Destiny.

Destiny is available TODAY, right now…to enter into – let’s GO!




That describes your’s and my Destiny…

I am meant to be filled full!  Filled to full I am meant for!  You and I are meant for fulfillment in God!

God’s plan – always has been and always will be – that His children are meant for being filled full of His Loving Presence…

His utter, complete, unbridled, totally splendiferous, luxurious, generous, unlimited outpouring of LOVE Divine!

He designed us to be filled full and even to over flowing with Himself. Not just the knowledge of Him nor the heresy of His goodness, though all testimony of Jesus is of the Spirit of God!

To be partakers of, to be drenched in and totally captivated by Him…because….God is Love and we live in Him and He in us. This is the Good News of the gospel!

“God’s not dead…He’s surely alive…Living on the inside…Roaring like a Lion!”  (Newsboys)

These are word from a song that resounds often in my heart…and I just wanna sing it sooooo loud and let Him Roar outta me so that others would know that He sooooo Loves them,

He is so In-Love with you…me…them…

God, that we all would live each breathe with this reality – I am Loved – URLOVD!

You and I are meant to be completely filled full and to overflowing with His Love!

Pressed down, shaken together and spilling over – that kind of fulfilment!

You are meant to be filled full!

His Presence is here right now…right there where you are….so that you would be fullfilled!

Acknowledge Him as God, as your God and invite Him in…Let’s pray together:

“Come in and fill me God – by your Holy Spirit…I give you complete permission to give me the fulfilment you designed me for, completely found in You God.  Thankyou for filling me full…to overflowing with your Loving Presence, Power and Peace…you are filling me in this way, that I will be an agent of change in this world, to someone that needs to be filled full of your fullfillment – YourSelf! So be it God – Hallelujah! Amen.

~ Shelley Weeks


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