For-Giving or For-Getting that is the question!

God keeps no record of wrong, therefore He doesn’t need to forgive and forget in the way we might think.

Are you For-Giving or For-Getting?


God Loves giving and giving and giving…without end or limit!

He is the all giving God!   He is all FOR Giving.

He is so much for giving to us, that He gave us His only Son – Jesus – to die on the Cross FOR-given-ness of our sins.

God is not FOR-getting anything in return for the price that Jesus paid. We have not got anything of any worth at all that could pay such a price…in fact, the price is paid in full, when Jesus said – IT IS FINISHED.

He was also saying PAID IN FULL, you are FORGIVEN and therefore as you receive that giving-ness to yourself, you are no longer in the territory of always FOR-getting, you are now translated into His Kingdom, that is the Kingdom of constant Giving. Before our lives were all about ‘getting’ something for ourselves, selfishly grabbing and getting whatever we could….NOW we are all FOR-giving away and not at all about for-getting for-self!

This is not sacrifice, this is obedience…a Loving relationship with God, means we so easily hear and agree with His voice that we act on it…

FOR-Giving away Love….and for-getting about selfish ambition.


~ Shelley Weeks

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