HUMMING along….

Resonating….humming….making a sound – not just a noise, that is in-tune with Something ….

I’ve listened to a tuning fork, a guitar, piano, flute, drums, voices and other things, like a car and motorcycle engines  humming along and with a good exhaust system…it  sounds great and  in tune when all is working just right.   It’s Brilliance in motion!

Have you noticed that birds always seem to sing in tune? That’s coz they are singing their song…not another birds song… and it sounds right and beautiful.

A good conversation is a bit like that…when it’s humming along….

Praying is like that too.

Living life can be like that….really humming along.

So some of you will be thinking:

“…but hang on a minute – life is full of curve balls and speed humps…how am I gonna hum along during those times?”

Just like a well tuned engine – no matter the terrain, it still hums along sweetly, no matter! UP hills and down, pulling a load or not…all is within the capabilities of that engine…because it’s been tuned and well maintained, it’s got the right fuel and water and especially a great Driver who knows the engine well.

We are promised many things in the Bible, including speed humps (troubles) and we are also promised PEACE that surpasses all understanding. The trouble doesn’t have to interrupt or knock us off our “hum”!

If you are “ho-hum” about all this…and not really interested in humming along, that is your choice…I’m just saying, that being in tune and staying in tune is the key to really ‘’humming along’’.

This Key is available to all people – the Key is relationship – residing in the Presence of the Almighty!

He so wants us to hum along too…without going too fast so as to crash, or too slow to cause a crash…just at the speed we have been designed for and can stay consistently at…that’s what ‘’humming along’’ is about…

Humming along…is a real way of living efficiently, effectively and effervescently – others look and see that style of life – it’s attractive and they want it.

May our way of living…moving…being…have a real hum about it…because the Power Source is permanently plugged in and flowing in and through us.

If you’re not quite humming along – pull in for a tune-up. Take some time out from your schedule.  Don’t ignore the ‘’warning light’’ on the dashboard of your life – it may look like the following:

  • Your ‘’fuse’’ is much shorter than it used to be
  • Incessant and constant tiredness
  • Forgetting things more often
  • Not hearing or able to listen as much as usual
  • ‘’stuff’’ is getting to you
  • Worries and concerns crowding in
  • Not feeling loved and appreciated
  • ..and so on….

Any or all of these things and many others, are a really good sign which says :


Take a break…be kind to yourself…





HE is ever present, never leaves you… taking the time to REST will give Him time to tune you up…so that all is ‘’humming along’’ beautifully.

The Key to a life ‘’humming along’’ is relationship – residing in the Presence of the Almighty!

I gotta go – I’m pulling in for a tune up…see ya ”humming along” real soon!

URLOVD immensely intimately!