What is your passion?

What is your purpose?  Your passion?  Your heartbeat?

Check your pulse…how’s it pumping?

In life, we live and learn what makes us tick…what really get’s us going…and sometimes that ”thing” takes time to develop…we learn “that is the reason”…the cause…the passion we were made to fulfill.  The pulse quickens and we get up and get going…then a speed hump comes in our way or a wind knocks us off course…the heartbeat slows down, the pulse slows..we lose momentum. That’s ok..for awhile…however…

Like an professional athlete, training must resume…the purpose we have been created for is a requirement for our completeness – our very fulfilment in this life…the greatest thing about this is that when we are being, going and doing that purpose – there is such delight, such satisfaction and success and with this absolutely no strife.  There are days of discipline, endurance  and total commitment to the task however, this is out of a passion – a heartbeat, a strong, regular, trained pulse for the task.

I am in training, for the very purpose and task set before me. Some days it is very clear what that task is and my heartbeat keeps my pulse constant and strong, focused and fervent to see that accomplished. Some days my pulse wanes and I feel lethargy setting in.  That’s ok for a day or two.  It is then that I need the focus, the vision, the lens cleaning of my spiritual eyes…and the time tested endurance that has been worked in me, by His good will…He does it…He knows me..He delights in this process of focus.  His good pleasure in us, to fulfil all that He has planned in advance  for us to accomplish.  Be. Go. Do – His will be done!  URLOVD with a passion that never wanes!