The Incubator of Ideas & Innovation – Divine Brilliance!

My husband has been known to roll his eyes at my ‘incubator’ that pops ideas out – sometimes at an amazing rate….

We are both learning, that some of those ideas are sparks of Brilliance and have great value – Divinely inspired and that the Incubator of Ideas and Innovation is a wonderful gift!

So these days, the rate of ideas has changed and the quality of the ideas has changed also. More recently, I have had people come to me with their ideas….sharing hesitantly at first and then as I encourage them, the idea grows in its intensity and passion. In the processing of sharing aloud with someone else – it’s Brilliance and reality is much clearer than before.  I have discovered , sharing an idea with someone else can be either empowering or discouraging.

Sharing an idea with people is important…it’s at times, a fearful thing…but silence is not the answer either.

There are millions of innovative ideas out there…and probably most of them will only be ideas however there are some that are truly spectacular, special and meant to be shared and brought to fruition.  It takes courage to share that thought with someone and I encourage you to do so…even if you think it is a ‘’hair-brained’’ or ‘’pie in the sky’’ kind of idea.

Find someone – pray for someone, you can start sharing it with…be courageous, be willing.  If you do not know anyone that you feel comfortable with – you are welcome to contact me via this blog. I invite you to share freely…speak up…put it out there…and see what Divine Brilliance can do with your ‘’idea’’.

The greatest enemy to the incubator of ideas and innovation is silence and fear!


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