God Resides in the Praises of His People


God resides in the praises of His people. He hangs out most where He is desired and welcomed most. The more we praise the more He dwells! Try it – and you will see!  The reason is: He is so crazy about you…and just loves, desires and delights to hang out with you.

He is so for you…crazy about you…totally smitten and taken with you. He is our delight and we His. This is such a romance…a relationship truly made in Heaven – before the beginning of time and designed to last for all Eternity! Get used to it…totally enjoy and be lost in His Love…His sweet Presence, His Beautiful gaze upon you constantly. There is nothing to fear in this relationship – accept to be away from Him…this is the true fear of the Lord – the reverential fear that cannot abide the thought of not being near Him…close and intimate. As we Love and be Loved, deeper, greater…our hearts continue to yearn…that is our delight…My Beloved is mine and I am His, His banner over me is Love. URLOVD without limit!

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