His LOVE endures forever…

God’s message to my heart and my heart to everyone around me is : His Love endures forever.

As we speak from that place, from His Word to us. From Him, through Him, to Him…How much URLOVD, how much He loves us -keeps on exploding outward. Allow that process to happen!

At times, it may seem messy, however the result is ALL GOOD and God has no issue at all with messy – people do, He doesn’t.

I say more Mess so we encounter more of His Message of Love!

God is so totally for you – if you could hear the cheering right now – it’s is deafening, thunderous, voluminous, outrageous…the great cloud of witensses cannot stop praising God for His Gloriousness and the Greatness of what God is doing in and through His saints…more Glory continues to rise to Him!

God is relentless in showing us His Love! As much as you might think He is not for you and not with you…as much as you might think that you have not seen His hand of blessing on you…so much more than that…double, triple…gazillion times more…is His relentlessness to show you how much He truly Loves you.

Is 30:15 “In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength”

I”m living in His best for me today and His Love just keeps on flowing with only His Best! I embrace and rejoice that His promises to me are constantly here now…and never run out. His Love, Goodness and Kindness everpresent. In this knowledge is great Rest.

I so love this fact: That I can never get to the end of discovering God’s Love for me…each day I get to unwrap more of His Love for me – Woohoooo!!



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