The Grind of the mind…

The grind of the mind…it is not kind,

The clock – tick, tock,tick..

Never stops…

No matter how fast,

the answer doesn’t come quick

The questions always a constant flow,

My brain reeling, body moving, constant on the go…

I need a solution, an Answer and I know…

it’s GO SLOW.

Isaiah 30:15



Resting in God..what does that mean?

It seems a battle, a struggle to redeem,

My will wants to go, my spirit to stop,

My whole life like a bubble – ready to pop!

Thanks be God, who leads me on,

In this time of life when I need a new song,

A song that sings His Joy, Peace and Love

all over my life and coming down like a dove,

Rests upon me and in me and through me to be,

I know this is His plan…for me and all to see!


Recieving now His perspective, His viewpoint, His Love!

I see a stamp, it’s very big and in bold letters:

“APPROVED by God.”

Knowing God’s approval – His stamp upon our lives, is the most joyous knowing – this is our victory in Christ Jesus!

URLOVD constantly – outrageously!