Irritation or Invitation? Part 1

Irritation or Invitation? It’s seems to be the season of paradoxs…if you are invited out to a Christmas function…it could be quite an irritation to try and fit it in…or not.. Anyway…justing thinking on Jesus birth…His coming…His life…He irritated a lot of people. Some said, “…all the fuss will blow over”. Others understood that His coming to earth, His life, His death, His resurrec…tion…was an all-emcompassing Invitation…”COME to Me all you who are weary and heavy laden…and I will give you rest..”  Christmas is not a stand alone event…His-story is complete! HE is the Beginning and the End and everything in between. May the Christmas message irritate many enough to hear His Invitation to enter into relationship!  URLOVD totally completely, from beginning to end and everywhere in between…

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