Irritation or Invitation Part 2

Have you ever experienced waking up at 4am in the morning? …and feeling irritated by that…or thinking – ‘’it’s no point trying to go back to sleep..”  Do you toss and turn? Do you get up and get a drink, go to the toilet and roam around the house for a bit?  Any number of other time filling activities…

This irritation may just be a very great and wonderful Invitation!

An invitation to enter in to God’s Presence in a very precious moment of quietness and trust.

Next time you wake up at an odd hour of the night or even if your day has an unexpected gap in it…that is not normally there – entertain the thought, that this is a moment to hang in God’s most wonderful Presence. Acknowledge Him, hang there in that restfulness…for as long as the moment allows or you can stretch it for.  Really press in to Him – because that is when He speaks in a whisper to the heart of all matters….URLOVD!

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